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Are Foxes Dangerous to Pets?

There are always cases of wild Miami animals attacking people and animals and even though they are unusual, the issue of the potential of animals to attack is something that is very real. Some of the most recent stories are related to pet attacks. Foxes can attack domestic pets and this is something that can happen over and over again. If you find a wild animal in your home, what you will do? It is not as simple question as it sounds like. We all feel uncomfortable if we hear such news about the living place. For people who keep the small animals like chickens, pigs and rabbits, the potential risk is obvious. The pet owners also need to know that there is a potential risk that is posed by the Florida foxes.

Most people believe that the Miami areas that are sparsely populated and rural are the best areas to handle a large population of foxes but this isn’t the case. This is because while we find wild foxes in the rural areas, the urban areas have a much more significant number of cases. The foxes are actually hunters and scavengers at the same time. This means that they enjoy prey as much as the scavenged food that is left behind in bins.

These Miami animals are nocturnal and tend to be more active in the night hours. This means that one of the greatest challenges is to guard the animals from an attack from foxes after dark. Foxes are able to thrive in the wild for some 15 years but those in the urban areas make it to five or even less. Foxes can eat lots of different foods and this includes insects, worms, berries, plants, small animals and even rubbish plus all other things that they are able to get to. Foxes do cause a lot of problems in the urban setting but they are still considered as wild animals not pests and so the local councils face no legal responsibility to eradicate or cull the Florida fox population.

A big debate exists in relation to the risk that is posed by the Miami foxes to pets. Dogs for example aren’t in the danger zone even though the puppies and smaller dogs are at a higher risk. Cats act defensively when they are threatened and they will spit, hiss and bush out the fur. They also bite and claw if they feel threatened. This means that the foxes may not mess with Florida cats.

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