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Bird Spike Installation

So what are Florida bird spikes for? Bird spikes are a prevention to keep large birds such as pigeons or gulls off both flat and curved surfaces. This is done in a fairly simple manner that does not harm the bird but makes the surface uneven. Some of the more ideal uses are windows; signs light posts and eaves to name a few. Miami bird spikes are also quite economical.

Installation is a 3-step progress:
The first thing you must do is to clean all nesting materials, debris and bird droppings. This all must be done prior to disinfecting. Be sure to wear rubber gloves and a respiratory mask as bird droppings do contain disease. Be sure that all droppings are removed from tree branches as well. After elimination of the nesting material and debris, disinfect the area with 10% bleach and hot water.

Phase 2 is the deciding upon the mounting area, even though construction grade polyurethane adhesive can be used to install most Florida bird spikes.
Installation on wood – this will require using wood screws to screw in the bird spike. This requires one wood screw per 6 inches.
On concrete – use construction outdoor adhesive to secure bird spikes to a variety of surfaces. Spike polycarbonate troughs are available for glue. Do not use silicone adhesives. Spike polycarbonate tube will be good for every 25 feet of spikes. To provide more security use screws or bolts. Though spikes are 2 feet long you have the option to cut the spikes for smaller sections.

Bird spikes can be found at many hardware or big box stores. They are not only easy to find but they are also easy to install if you follow the directions carefully. The average cost of bird spikes run anywhere between $12.19 to over $200.00 depending on the size that you purchase. Installation of Miami bird spikes is merely to keep the birds from sitting on your various places on your Florida property. No harm to the birds and some work for you. This however is not a product to must be installed every few days. This is a product that will last you for a while without any further maintenance.

Spikes are pretty much guaranteed that your home will be protected from Florida bird droppings. Bird spikes are economical and very effective to use. They provide for the consumer a wall of cleanliness between you and the Miami birds.

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