What to do Aout Bats in the Chimney

Miami bats take refuge in literally any part of your home so as to be able to roost and wait for the nightfall when they venture out in a quest to find some food. If there are bats within your chimney bit not in any other part of the house or the attic, then the situation is not that hard. This is because the bats are well confined within a single Florida area and dealing with them in one place is a much better scenario.

Before you even start with the removal tactics, you need to be aware of some very important things.

Keep the damper shut: this is something that you have to confirm first before the elimination even begins. This makes it in possible for the Miami bats to get into your Florida house and start flying once you start the exclusion. It is very important that you remember this.

Don’ts start a fire: some may be tempted to do this so as to eliminate Miami bats. You shouldneverstart a fire. Don’t even think about opening the damper. This is because if you start a fire, the bats may choose to crawl down and fly out at the bottom instead of the top. This means a bat issue inside the house. Many bats also die and killing of bats isn’t legal and it is totally inhumane. Florida bats are able to use very small areas as entry points and therefore whenyoustart chimneyfire, they may gain entry to your walls or get to the attic.

Getting them out
When it comes to getting them out, the principles used on removal of Miami bats from the house are applied. It is important that you find the point that they are using to exit the chimney and then install a one way device over the area. The most unfortunate thing is the fact that you ownbe able to uninstall a cap on the very first night. You will have to wait. This is because not all the bats actually leave at the same time. You will have to use the exclusion devices which will allow Florida bats to go out, but make it impossible to go in.

Finding Miami bats exit point isn’t hard-it’s the hope at the very top of your chimney! However, there may be other points of entry like the gaps left where the roof meets the chimney or open areas or decayed areas. Batsdo not always go through the hole. It is important that an inspection be done so as to fullydetermine just where the bats are getting in and out. A night watch can also be very helpful. Evenwhen you already know there are Florida bats, observe and you might learn of more points of entry.

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