How do you Know if You Have an Armadillo Under Your Shed or Porch?

Miami armadillos are considered pests because they are passionate diggers. They dig extensive burrows both to make their homes as well as to find food. As primary food source for armadillos is in the ground (insects, larvae, ants, etc.) they dig a lot to get to the food. Their burrows are dangerous, not just ugly. These holes and tunnels can compromise integrity of your home and other buildings on your land. Additionally, when Florida armadillos move away from one of their dens, these can get inhabited by other animals that love to live underground, such as snakes.

There are numerous reasons why you don't want Miami armadillos near your home. They cause lots of damage to your Florida property and as soon as you notice their presence, you will want to consider different ways how to get rid of them.

Signs are usually very clear-these are signs of digging. There is lots of loose dirt all over your Miami property. Piles of soil are visible here and there around your shed or porch. Additionally, there are distinctive holes, approximately 3-5 inches wide. These holes are there entry points, where they have started to dig underground. After you are sure that Florida armadillo is there under your shed or a porch, you will want to consider different methods to get rid of it. If you don't want to kill the animal or to harm it by trapping, there are certain safe ways to repel them. Armadillos have poor eye sight, but they have excellent sense of smell. Therefore, strong, intensive scents repel them and send them right away from where they came from. Excellent repellent for Florida armadillos is garlic as well as cheyenne peppers. Both of these spices are too intensive for them and will repel them. Additionally, excellent repellents are ammonia and mothballs as well-these also have very intensive smell for sensitive Miami armadillo nose.

Miami armadillos dig deep when they start digging, so after you repel them with any of these suggested repellents, it is also recommended to keep them away. Protect integrity of your shed and your Florida porch by posting mesh fences. Push them deep in the ground; there is no need for it to be higher then 2 feet, insist on going deep to be safer.

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